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Shanghai cell therapy group -- excellent cell provider

Shanghai cell therapy group -- provider of excellence cells

Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Cell therapy Group Ltd. is a high-tech company, which was approved by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and is established on the base of Shanghai Research Center for Cell therapy. We aim to provide comprehensive and personalized health diagnosis and treatment service through precision medicine technics, including cell therapy, cell cryopreservation, gene detection, cell related production, health consulting, clinical medical big data and so on, and to create a new industrial system containing R&D, production and treatment. Our goal is to build a top class cell therapy center at home and abroad.

Group mission: Let cells change the length and abundance of life
Vision: realize baize plan in 30 years: Make people healthy and happy to live to the natural life
  • Cell cryopreservation
  • Gene detection
  • Health consultation
  • Medical big data
  • R&D




Baize technology group established independent laboratory, and started studying immune cell therapy


Eastern Hepatobiliary surgery Biotherapy Department was officially operated Numerous field investigation by many leaderships of Shanghai government departments.Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Cell therapy was approved and established.


Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Cell therapy Co. Ltd was approved and established , and it became the exclusive external cooperation platform in Cell therapy technology of Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Cell therapy.


Tumor biological treatment center of the Second Military Medical University was approved and established Cooperate with Tsinghua University and established institute of innovative industry design of health care of Tsinghua University Shanghai Engineering Research Institute was approved and established


Fully hosted Ningbo Tumor Hospital
Shanghai Wu Mengchao Tumor Medical Center was approved and established
Shanghai Cell therapy cryopreservation bank started operation


ointly launch“embrace heath,love is guaranteed”plan with China Life
Insurance Company Ltd.
Officially started Baize project


Shanghai Wu Mengchao-Nobel Laureate Joint Medical Technology and Innovation Center was approved and established

2018(To take off)

Zhejiang Nanobody Center was established
Zhejiang cell therapy engineering technology center co., LTD. Was established


  • 国际学术平台

  • 基因数据平台

  • 医学临床平台

  • 治疗生产平台

  • 技术支持平台